Monday, October 10, 2011


This drawing was an experimental technique for drawing in Photoshop. There is a significantly high chance that folks already use this method but, I am feeling special for coming up with the technique on my own. Anyway, this drawing was accomplished using many pixelated rough sketches to give the overall shape and lighting information. After the sketch as done the blur tool was used to blend the pixelated drawing to give a nice smooth look. The final image was then treated with the noise filter to further blend the image.

Using Unity 3D

Currently I working on several Unity 3D projects so I am trying to get a grasp of the shaders technology that is available. Unfortunately, custom shaders needs to be programmed/written because there isn't a material editor like UDK. This is a simple test of some custom shaders for Unity. The Ambient Occlusion is pre-rendered and is a separate texture. The final shader would store the Ambient Occlusion in a the Alpha channel and currently, the intensity of the shadow is adjustable without causing overexposure. Also the Ambient Occlusion directly affects the reflection.