Thursday, December 30, 2010

Project 01 UDK Files

Here is a link to the asset package and the map file for Project 01.


Dan Ghiordancescu Concept

This render is based on Dan Ghiordancescu concept art that I found In addition to that, the images shown here have all been rendered using UDK. I did run into several problems in creating this image. These problems are as follows

  1. Reflections:- The Unreal Engine generally fakes reflections. I used two types of reflection in this image. One is the SceneCaptureActor that uses a plane for reflections and the other is using a 2D image to give the illusion of a reflection.
  2. Anti-Aliasing:- There is still a lack of support for this function in UDK. Even though I have read several posts on forum that some people have gotten AA to work I have been unsuccessfully. On both systems one with an ATI and the other Nvidia, when MSAA is activated, the game in unable to run.
  3. TiledShot:- TileShot is a command that is used to create high resolution screenshots in UDK. The only problem is that it ignores reflections that are real-time.
  4. UV Seams:- UV seams are a major problem for me at the moment. In one instance they are invisible when Full Precision UVs is activated. However, when Lightmass is used the seams are clearly visible. It may be because I am using high resolution light maps and that lower resolution light maps may blur the seams.

The three images shown (1) Screenshot (2) TiledShot 4 and (3) Combining 1 and 2 in Photoshop. All images were resized to 720p.

Image 1 (Screenshot)

Image 2 (TiledShot 4)

Image 3 (Image 1 amd 2 Combined)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010