Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Classes and subclasses

I have been trying to wrap my head around the classes and functions in Unrealscripting. Unfortunately alot of the aid online is very game centric and not Editor centric. One of the main problems I am running into is the replicating the functionality of the ActorFactoryStaticMesh class or StaticMeshActor class. When you right click on the viewport in the UnrealEd, you are able to add the selected mesh in the Content Browser. However, trying to write a script to allow the same functionality but mulitple times seems rather problematic. I am have been unsuccessful in finding the code or the methods used for simulating the same functionality as the Add StaticMesh or Add Selected Mesh.

All of the methods I have seen for replicating StaticMeshes has been during gameplay. So its quite possible accomplish the task but only during gameplay. This negates the functionality of pre calculated lighting since the meshes would only be spawned when the game starts.

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