Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anti Aliasing,T3D and FBX

This image is the original screenshot taken from the Unreal Editor without GPU anti aliasing.

  • This is a resized version of the first screenshot rendered at twice the resolution. Rendering beyond 200% of the original reduces several in game effects and in some cases removes it all together. There is no benefit to rendering beyond twice the original resolution for the purpose of achieving cheap anti-aliasing.

  • After working on making a plugin that would export to t3d for importing into UnrealEd, I have found out through several test that this filetype only stores the creation of BSP and the transformation of meshes that are already loaded into the an Unreal package.

  • Exporting FBX from Maya to UnrealEd and proven to be unrealiable at the moment. Beveled edges are unable to be exported at the moment however, using the same fbx that was exported from Maya to 3Ds Max and then exporting again to fbx creates positive results. Reason for this is still unknown. Apparently, the way in which 3DsMax exports fbx is more compatible with UnrealEd than Maya.

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